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Don't you just LOVE holiday music.  I have started listening to it a lot sooner than I ever have before this year, maybe because it just makes me happy or to get me in the mood to finish my handmade gifts for this year. 

One of my favorite Christmas's was in Decebmer of 2002 when we lived in Florida.My husband and I went to the Mizner Park Ampitheater in Boca and attended Harry Connick Jr.'s Christmas Concert.  Now, it was not the first or second time we had seen him in concert (and certainly not the last).  It was, however the first Christmas concert we had been to with him.  It was magical sitting in the 85 degree weather, the palm trees all lit with white lights and a little sway here and there; then to have him come out and start, "Dashing through the snow..........."  It was a night we won't forget.

So, needless to say my favorite holiday CD is one that I think everyone should put in their basket of music to get out every year, it's Harry Connick Jr. / When My Heart Finds Christmas from 1993. It is an investment you will not regret and will enjoy it year after year.

When My Heart Finds Christmas 1993

What A Night!  What a Christmas Album 2008


Holiday Tip #1:  Go get all of  your wrapping paper, bows, and tissue paper together.  There is some CUTE paper out there and if you don't look at what you have in stock you may be buying more than you need.

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Laser Labels said...

While I love Christmas music, I'm not sure if I could listen to it this early.

I think I at least need snow first!! :)

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