Thursday, September 3


Over to the right I have a link to Mayberry Primitives. It is located in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Last November, my husband and I went to North Carolina to the Biltmore Estate for their Christmas Celebration. (Which is AMAZING!)  We took a 3 hours from Ashville to Mt. Airy to see Andy Griffith's hometown.  Some say that his show was modeled after this small town.  Andy Griffith himself said that it was not because all towns have problems and the ones on the television show were solved in 30 minutes and that is not realisitic.  I will tell you though, the people in Mt. Airy were VERY freindly.  We found this shop on Main Street there.  The owner Sonya Smith makes all of her own creations.  She is very talented.  Maybe someone you know loves the primitive look, I sure do.

If you like this or country looks, here are some other links:  The Country House, The Cranberry CupboardThe Olde Country Fence.
Auntie An

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