Tuesday, September 8


On Saturday, my husband and I went to Midway, Utah for their Anuual Swiss Days.  There are over 180 vendors showing their crafts and fun ideas, entertainers, and food.  Swiss Days started in the 1940's when all the farmers would get together for a celebration of their bountiful harvests. What started as Harvest Days is now Swiss Days.  We watched a group from St. George young to old playing the violin, who have traveled all over the United States.  There are hamburgers, sandwiches, pies, and BBQ; all of them have the first name of Swiss in them there, i.e.  Swiss Hamburgers, Swiss Sandwiches, etc.  It was literally a beehive of activity, it has been a long time since I have seen so many people at one event.  As I mentioned earlier there were over 180 booths, after a while, we just walked down the middle and went to the side if there was a booth we REALLY wanted to see. 

One of the booths that I particularly liked was a booth that helps you display your family history. Stories by Me sells a Family Face 3-Dimensional Tree Kit with wooden blocks that you modge-podge your family pictures on and then hang from a rod iron table top tree; a LITERAL family tree.  They also have a Memory Tree Frame and on the frame can be lots of pictures of your family.  They also have a Family Button Box, Vintage Tins, Memory Candles, Memory Puzzle Blocks and other kits.  Their booth was VERY busy.  I don't have a big family and so any picutres that I do have of anyone, I LOVE to look at.  Check them out.

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Stories by Me said...

Swiss Days was amazing! We love crossing paths with those who share our appreciation for preserving memories. Glad you stopped by!!


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