Wednesday, September 23


It is Plates and P A L A T E S, (as in the enjoyment of tastes and tantilizing to your palate).  AND this place does have great taste!  Everyone enjoys food but how many of us truly savor the things we eat and seek out fresh alternatives to our favorite meals. Developing a good palate not only enhances the eating experience but broadens one's tastes so that variety as well as quality can be appreciated.  Plates and Palates delivers !  Located in Bountiful on the southeast corner of 400 North and 500 West, the brothers Christensen and their wives have a real gem that delivers on both taste and eye appeal.

They mainly serve gourmet salads and sandwiches with a ever changing daily soup.  Their desserts are killer.  They create their own recipes.  The Lemon Terragon Chicken Pasta Salad (pictured above) is absolutely fabulous either as a side dish or by itself.  I've enjoyed various lunch spots in my travels, and this place is one of my favorites .. anywhere!  They also do take out, and catering.

So, go check it out.  Whether you live in Sandy or Sunset, it's worth the drive.

390 N. 500 W.
Bountiful, Utah 84010
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amy said...

Plates and Palates is my favorite. I love your blog what a great idea.


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